Esoteric Arts is a veteran-owned and Christian business, owned by myself, James (Joe) Jones, and my wife, Alea Jones. 


Our idea for Esoteric Arts started when we were looking at getting some of our own items personalized and realized for us to send out one of our own firearms it would cost hundreds, if not close to a thousand dollars, and there seemed to be at least a six month wait period as well. We started looking at something called Cerakote, which at the time was still somewhat new and there weren't many people around us who know about it, and definitely didn't know of anyone close who could do it, and began practicing on our own items and decided to see if we could go somewhere with this! At the time, we thought we were just going to do Cerakote, and began looking around for what other businesses had done already. We soon decided that we were finally tired of working so much overtime, working through the holidays, and feeling like we weren't getting to spend any time at home with our son. We put together all of our skills from each job we had and officially started our own business. We knew then that we wanted to give local people a chance to have something customized, but wanted to try and keep it within an average person's price range. After some feedback from friends and family once they had heard about our business, one of the most common questions was "Do you hydro-dip?" At first we turned away the opportunities, but after a while it seemed to be a popular request and we decided to change our primary services and started offering cerakote and hydrographics! Our entire start-up happened in less than a year and we have had so many opportunities that we never thought would happen. God has surely blessed us and has shown us time and time again just how great He truly is.